AgileByExample 2016

AgileByExample 2016



The conference venue

All ICALP sessions and satellite workshops took place in Auditorium Maximum, a historic lecture hall constructed in the 1930s in the University Old Campus. Plenary sessions happened in the large central auditorium, and the four (sub)tracks of ICALP took place in smaller auditoria that surround it.

The address of the Campus is Krakowskie Przedmie?cie 26/28. The venue is marked with number 11 on this campus map.

Welcome reception

The reception on Monday was at BroWarmia, a microbrewery/restaurant across the road from the Old Campus. Going out of the main campus gate, cross the road and go right.

Conference dinner

The dinner on Wednesday was served in the New Library at Dobra St., a ten-minute walk downhill from the Old Campus.

The venue is marked with number 17 on this campus map. The recommended walking path is marked with a red line on the map.

Getting to Warsaw

The main airport in Warsaw is the Warsaw Chopin Airport, located immediately south of the city. All international flights, except ones operated by Ryanair, arrive there. The airport is well-connected to the city center:

  • From the bus stop in front of the Arrivals, bus line 175 will take you directly to the conference venue (get off at the stop “Uniwersytet”, right at the University’s main gate; the journey takes 30-45 mins. depending on the traffic). If you arrive on a Sunday, the 175 route is a little different: you need to get off at the stop “Kr√≥lewska” and walk to the University for approx. 200m.
  • There is a train station in the terminal building. Train S3 will take you to the Warsaw Central train station, right in the modern city centre (but not within a walkable distance to the conference venue).
  • There is an official taxi stand in front of the Arrivals. A trip to the city center should take 20-30 mins. depending on the traffic, and will cost up to 40PLN. Beware of people offering taxis away from the official stand; they are likely to charge far too much.

Ryanair flights operate from Modlin Airport, located 40km north of the city. Public transport to and from the city exists but is tricky. It is far more convenient to take a shuttle bus to the center (see the airport website for details), or to take a taxi (the trip is likely to cost over 100PLN though).

Getting around

Public transport

Warsaw is covered by an extensive network of buses and trams, and two metro lines. See the public transport operator ZTM for maps and other information.

Tickets are normally bought from newsstands (“kiosk”) located throughout the city. They can also be bought from ticket machines located on all metro stations and selected bus stops; look for machines with the “ZTM” logo on them. Some buses (notably the 175 line from the airport) also have ticket machines on board, but those take only cash. A newly bought ticket needs to be validated on board, in a yellow validation box.

The following types of tickets may be of interest to you:
– a 20min. ticket (changes allowed) that should be enough for any travel within the city center: 3.40PLN
– a 75min. ticket (changes allowed), good for a trip to the Chopin Airport: 4.40PLN
– a 24-hour ticket: 15.00PLN
– a 72-hour ticket: 36.00PLN

City bikes

Warsaw has a system of city bikes called Veturilo. After registration and payment of a small deposit, you can rely on a rather extensive network of bike stations in the city centre. See here for details.

On foot

The conference venue is located in a historic part of the city, within a walking distance from the Old Town and other tourist attractions.